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Prostitution in Jessore by Alexandra Grill

According to the non-governmental organizations, over 150 000 women are involved in prostitution in Bangladesh while government statistics acknowledge only 9 000. The social status of sex workers in Bangladeshs society is considered so low, that they were not allowed to wear shoes or sandals outside the brothel till last year.  Jagorani Chakra Foundation (JCF) is engaged in Jessores brothels, to help. Brothels are essentially not different to slums in urban areas with special rules and traditions. Many tiny rooms on both sides of a lane with people going in and out. It is a place of desperation, violence and exploitation, a bad place to grow up. JCF is trying to get the children out of the brothels, offering a proper home to them. Mothers can always come and visit their sons and daughters, but as they want them to live a better life, they are ready to send them to “Children’s Heaven” and to school.
Slowly the conditions for sex workers are getting better, but still it seems impossible to get out of that business if in it once. Of course the aim of my reportage cannot be to prescribe some solution, it is just thought to raise some questions and to bring the plight of sex workers into the light.